Zeder:Yariv Advertising

Zeder:Yariv Advertising is a boutique firm founded at 2007 by Gadi Zeder and Asi Yariv

As two experienced creative professionals, we take a different and highly focused approach.
Our expertise is creative and creative planning, which is in fact, the main and most important service we provide our clients in addition to daily operations and ongoing budget management. Zeder:Yariv is a firm that places a special emphasis on creative strategies and design.

As such, it is a perfect fit for clients who understand the importance of these two elements and make them their top priority.
Along with the standard services offered by all ad agencies, Zeder:Yariv also offers brand creation for some of Israel’s largest companies.

Our Creative Approach

Along with ad buys and media planning, we work closely with Tmf, one of the leaders in the field, as our strategic arm in this area. Currently handling a total of USD 5 million in advertising budgets, we have a team 16 employees, half of which are graphic designers.

We are committed to implementing a creative approach at all points of interface with our clients, whether in strategic analysis, our brand approach, media mix or consulting on content we provide to our clients.

Delivering Creative since 2011

The Zeder:Yariv interactive division was founded in 2011. The department specializes in creating innovative strategic moves that transform traditional media into an integral part of the vast world of opportunity digital media offers. By thinking out of the box and understanding that the ultimate marketing solution is achieved by upgrading traditional media and harnessing it to the new advertising

bandwagon, we have developed a method for building innovative and breakthrough campaigns with winning creative elements, that convey a 360° brand experience. What’s more, they not only transform the consumer audience into active customers, but also to loyal ambassadors.

Gadi Zeder: Chief Creative director

A graphic designer and graduate of Bezalel and the School of Visual Arts, Gadi has 15 years of experience in the industry. Over the years, he worked at Grey, JWT and was a partner in Katz and Zeder.

He has worked with Israel’s largest advertisers and is responsible for large-scale campaigns and branding efforts by companies such as Clubmarket, Sixt, Hamashbir Lazarchan, Microsoft Israel, Lexus Israel, iDigital and more. Gadi is responsible for Zeder:Yariv’s creative products and manages the daily operations of the creative and production side of the firm.

Asi Yariv: CEO

Copywriter, creative manager, strategist. Asi has over 15 years of experience in the advertising industry. He has served as Creative Manager at Lineal DDB, IPG Israel, and a partner at Mordi & Goren Advertising.

Over the years, he has worked with the country’s largest advertisers and is responsible for the management of numerous campaigns and branding efforts for the firm’s clients: Audi, Kia, Microsoft, Apple, Easy forex ,012 mobile, Hollandia, El Al, First International Bank, Lexus Israel, and many others.